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Telephone Bidding




You may submit a request for telephone bidding up to 24 hours before the sale.

Our representative will call you a few minutes before your lot will be offered and will act on your behalf on the auction floor.       

The representative will remain on the telephone with you until the lot has sold either to you or to another bidder.

By submitting a request for telephone bidding, you hereby commit to the following terms and conditions:

* The auction house reserves the right to deny requests for telephone bidding and to revoke the right to bid at any time.

* The participant agrees that he read the auction house terms and conditions, understands, and accepts all that is written in them.

* Participants who request to take part in the auction via the telephone, commit to placing the minimum bid for items.

If the participant will not answer the telephone during the auction, the minimum bid for the items will be placed on their behalf.

* The auction house will not be liable, under no circumstances, for any failure or error in executing telephone bids.

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